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Living Alone

Living Alone

I was 20 when I moved from Austin to San Antonio. In search for something near all my favorite restaurants, something affordable, and lastly something cozy. I found an apartment off of Euclid and St. Mary’s in an old victorian home. One of my neighbors was a chef and the other was a professor. It was perfect!

Living alone has been so influential to my personal developement. I was going through a breakup, and I was forced to cope alone. Wahhhh, I couldn’t walk to my moms room for advice or even to cry on her shoulder. I learned how to be completely alone. It was beautiful! Forced to take ownership of every single one of my actions. I had just started my new job and spent most of my money on my apartment, and electricity deposits. I got a speeding ticket the first week on my new job and by a hair made rent. It sounds silly, but It was important to me to be completely on my own to prove to myself that I was all I needed. No one to hold anything over my head. Completely on my own as in phone bills, health insurance, car payments, car insurance, electricity, water bill, rent. You get the point.

When you do things like this (growing up) haha it is so satisfying. I compare the feeling to taking myself to Paris on my own dime. It gave me this new idga_ attitude that I wish I could share with the world. Sometimes I do. I don’t know how to share the confidence sometimes so I just do what I can via Instagram. Sounds crazy, but having a mentor was always important to me so what I share I always try and keep it positive. Anyways, I would go for runs or go bike riding at the pearl. Kick my feet up on my coffee table and watch girls. I would cook dinner in my own kitchen, and sing Selena’s. I was able to make this place my own. Often thrifting for cheap items with character. If I had a bad day I looked forward to going home to my cozy apartment because it was all mine… and the landlords.

I live with my boyfriend now, and I love it just the same but I really appreciate the time I had living alone. Like… now I have a Ford framed truck photo at the apartment entrance, and a fish hanging in the den.

I know a lot of people who have lived alone forever, and folks about to take the leap! See interview with a dear friend and gal I admire below!

At what age did you live alone? 20-22 (my last two years of college, in san marcos), then again from 23-25 (in the houston area)

How long did you live alone? about 4 years total

What was your favorite part about living alone? um, where do i start?! i loved that everything in the home was mine and was decorated exclusively by me and for me. i also loved being on my own schedule once i was home, and i especially loved being the sole chooser of what to watch on tv. growing up in a house where there were a lot of people, it was a kind of a peace that i didn't know existed. i also think that living alone turned me into an introvert (so thankful)!

Can you share a fav story that you experience because you lived alone? hmmm i can't really think of a specific story...i did enjoy spying on my neighbors for a while because they always had police called to their apt for some reason. i would turn all the lights in my apartment off and peek through the blinds to watch what was going on lol but it was usually a domestic dispute, so i didn't feel like i was in particular danger. i would also have full on conversations with my cat, which sometimes comes with judgment if there are others living with you and witnessing said conversation. 

Do you think living alone is an important step in life? Or Something you NEED to do? it's absolutely something everyone needs to do, for at least a year. preferably in your 20s. i think a lot of women are scared to live alone and men usually like the company of other men (in the form of roommates, in this case), but how will you ever get to know yourself and learn to love yourself if you don't spend genuine quality time with yourself. no one else will want to do that with you if you can't even do it with yourself. i think that living alone creates more confident people as well, because it helps you learn exactly who you are. 

Any advice for folks nearing their stage of living alone? lean into it! nest like crazy! curate the space that you want to live in and make your home your sanctuary. also, be grateful for the luxury of living alone. it likely won't be forever, so enjoy it while it lasts. 

Thank you Gabrielle!

Song of the post because the way she dances in the video is how I danced when I lived alone.

Light On - Maggie Rogers I still dance like this in my shared apartment.

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