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Happy Anni- Short Story

Happy Anni- Short Story

January 11, 2015 BEST DAY EVER. I mean sooo far. It is the day Anthony first asked me to be his girlfriend. I say first time, because there was also a second time. Anthony is a huge if not the biggest part of my life, and he’s also very private which I love and respect. So how we met is the only story I’ll ever share. <3

Friday, December 22nd, 2014 — around 4PM my Director shut the office down early so I went to get an oil change. I was greeted by the cutest man I ever did see, Anthony. We exchanged a few words, and I gave him some attitude. He was new, and I had been to this dealership before.

Irrelevant but I was wearing black heals, black leggings, a black skirt, a white and black striped blouse AND a sweater. In addition, to my cover all by this time my hair was in a pony tail. Ok maybe it is relevant— he thought I was cute even at my worst!! I was so antsy… I couldn’t sit still. So I paced back and forth in the lobby acting like I was reading about tires, and cars for sale. When I realized he had noticed I sat back down. I was listening to him talk. He’s so friendly, and patient, oh he’s so sweet I was thinking.

Anthony came over and tried to sell me an air filter. At this time I had no idea what an air filter even was. He was red in the face, I could tell he was nervous. I asked if I needed the filter not? Again with the attitude. I mean I didn’t really, really need it. He was just trying to have a conversation with me. I went to check out and I noticed my bill was heavily discounted. As I was leaving I told him thank you very much and sat in my car.

1. wondering why he discounted my bill

2. thinking of the next time i’d see him

3. coming up with a plan

4. The Plan

There was a reason he discounted my bill, and If I don’t act on this now I will not see him until my next oil change … three months? Absolutely not. I rolled my window down, and acted like I was on the phone until he came over to my car. It felt like I waited forever. It was probably about 5 minutes or so. Anthony came over to my car and handed me his card with cell phone number written on the back. He said “Call me if you need anything, doesn’t have to be about cars.” Naturally I drove away and screamed. He says I messaged him 30 minutes later, but I like to give myself 2 hours. I am pretty sure it was two hours. We started dating and we moved in together that next year. We had so. much. fun.

Things didn’t go as planned and like I always say thats OK! I believe in the cliche if it is meant to be it will be. I had just turned 21 when I met him, and we both had some growing up to do. We are here now all grown up, but not really. I don’t feel like 25 is old at all. haha He’s just a few years older than me. Anthony is honest, caring, loyal and funny. Anyone who’s met him is lucky to know him. When I was growing up I couldn’t make him up in a dream if I tried. We work hard to travel together, have nice experiences, things, and a beautiful future. We are a team. Not many men these days support their ladies on giving notice to their full time jobs and moving to New York City like I had always dreamed. A good man does that.

Happy Anniversary Ant

“Love, honor, serve, and respect “ lol

We celebrated with cocktails at Whislers, Pizza at Via 313, and ended with ice cream at home. Perfect!

Obviously iPhone photos - pizza was amazing!

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