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A few things

A few things

A few things....

 1.    I had to change the blog name because I didn’t want to be sued. 

2.    How was everyone’s Thanksgiving and Christmas… New Year? 

 This story telling is really fun! Thanks for reading. 

2012- after about a year of college I dropped out and moved to Austin with a dear friend. The day I moved to Austin I was scheduled for an interview at 2PM. My Kia broke down on the way... I laugh as I am typing this because I remember this day so vividly, but it wasn’t funny then. I was ugly sobbing and I was screaming, why me? As a young adult should... I pulled myself together… and then I called my Dad. Luckily he was on a delivery (he was a truck driver) near Budda, he picked me up and dropped me off at a Starbucks until my mom made her way to me. Thanks to my parents I was able to make the 2PM interview. You’ll never guess what I did... door-to-door sales. I was knocking on stranger’s doors selling AT&T uverse, and I wasn’t very good at it. I wasn’t confident enough to close sales and until I started my new job with Omni Barton Creek this was my only means of income. 

 When I left the sales job I was much more confident in my work and myself. I wanted a food and beverage assistant position at Omni but nothing was available so I was hired on as a retail and spa coordinator. I worked there for about 6 months until an executive position became available. The gentleman who interviewed me was very intimidating. I am not sure why he even took the interview, as it is standard to send your resume over in advance for these people to review. Maybe courtesy. Didn’t feel like it. While meeting with him he told me that I didn’t have enough experience and that the position required a degree. Great! Thank you for your time! No.... he talked about himself for an hour and how he worked his way to where he is now. Me: Wow! Really? That is amazing. My confidence was thrown out the window after that one.

Fast-forward a few weeks later and a position for a food and beverage outlet assistant came about. So I printed my resume and walked over to talk to the Banquet Manager. She was welcoming and chill. Not exactly sure what she saw in me at the time, but she hired me. My manager was hard working, never late, precise and always driven. She was very good at her job, and I was lucky to work for her. I finally had it right. I was doing what I loved and making good money doing it. However, during this time my love life and personal life were all over the place. While this is my diary I will preserve some privacy throughout my stories as this is just for fun. (;

How can I help?

I started working on my first resume in High School and I used the same one until 2016. ALWAYS keep up with your resume! In your free time you can change items as needed. If you need help just email me. That is the same for interview skills. Just send me a note, and I’m happy to help.

Work hard and try to set small goals/money goals like keeping a phone bill at $50-$60 a month, and never buy things you don’t absolutely need. I would set goals like - save X amount by X month. Once you have a certain amount in the bank you are so excited— all you want to do is save money. People say don’t buy a coffee or don’t go out to eat… I found it quite hard with a full time job and a long commute. So I tried to cut down as much as I could. I would eat out during the week and never on the weekends. Soooo backwards but I enjoy eating out.

Once I had this position in Austin I was back on my feet and started treating myself again. I have never been a huge shopping gal so most of my money was spent at restaurants and experiences. Every three weeks I would go get a massage at Beijing foot massage (its still there), and after I’d go get some churros from this stand on North Lamar. I would frequent two restaurants for dinner Arro (shuttered) or Sway. Me time is important for my overall wellbeing. It can be a movie, dinner, or champagne and cheese on the beach. Even a trip to Tuesday Mornings or the nail salon will do the trick.

This brings me to … not a call to action, but a question.

Have you ever lived alone? At what age? Message me! I want to know! 



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